Pastor Joshua Iginla charges 50k for a session in his ‘Miracle Swimming Pool’


Pastor Joshua Iginla, the founder of Abuja based Champions Royal Assembly church has opened a miraculous swimming pool inside his church premises in Kubwa Abuja called “Pool Of Bethsaida” where he charges adherents to pay 50,000 naira for a swim session.

The Pool of Bethsaida is said to have healing powers to cure any sickness under the sun that includes Ebola and HIV/AIDS once you enter to swim.

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According to Kelvin who shared the news on Twitter:

“For those who are too poor to pay 50K, there is an anointed bottle water sourced from the “pool of Bethsheba.” It goes for 10K.

I am not sure it has as much healing power as paying 50K to submerge yourself in the pool itself.

I mean, you cannot cheat God. It issa Pay as you go” he concluded.

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