Babatunde Fashola should apologise to Nigerians or resign


By Noah McDickson

Recently, the honourable minister for works and housing, Babatunde Fashola made a shocking revelation when briefing press men.
Amongst other statements, he was quoted to have said that Nigeria roads are not as bad or poor as being portrayed.

It is at this juncture that I became convinced that the minister is not in touch with reality.
How can a man who hardly travel by road know the true state of Nigeria roads?

If he had exempted the Makurdi – Aliade – Otukpo – Enugu Federal road where he had been to, just last December to commission/flag up its construction, I wouldn’t have been so bothered but unfortunately, he didn’t.

His statement translate or implies that the Otukpo road is also not as bad or poor as we put it.
A road that is the worst in the country and has literally cut off otukpo from the entire country is not too bad in Hon. Fashola’s eye ?

He came there himself to see the poor condition of the road last year during the flag up for construction and up till date, no contractor has been seen at the site.
The road situation has worsen and all we hear daily is that contractors will soon be mobilizes to site.

The question now is how soon or when are we expecting the contractors to commence job at the site or until the IDOMA YOUTHS that have been agitating to shut down Otukpo with a massive protest commence action?
Infact FASHOLA should apologize to Idoma nation in particular.

If nothing is done between now and the next few days, am afraid, I won’t be able to stop the Youths from the proposed protest/actions.

Noah McDickson is a public affairs analyst, he writes from Abuja


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