Again Boko Haram suffers major setback as troops kill 5 in Mallam Fatori 24 hours after in another failed attack


Five Boko Haram/ISWAP criminal elements have been killed after staging yet another unsuccessful attack on the location of the troops of 64 and 98 Task Force Battalions and elements of the Armed Forces Special Forces Battalion at Malam Fatori in Abadam LGA of Borno State.

Recall that on 13th November 2019, some marauding Boko Haram criminal elements attempted to infiltrate the troops’ location by launching an unsuccessful attack with Person Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIEDs), Gun Trucks, Rocket Propelled Guns and other small arms but were decisively annihilated and their weapons ceased by the gallant troops.

The insurgents who were on a revenge mission within less than 24 hours of their devastating defeat were however dealt a deadly blow by troops of Mallam Fatori
in a swift and highly coordinated response.

At the end of the encounter, one Boko Haram Gun Truck was completely burnt along with 3 of the criminal insurgents that were trapped in it.

Some of the equipment captured from the criminal insurgents during this futile mission include one Anti-Aircraft Gun, one Anti-Aircraft Gun barrel, 8 AK 47 Riffles, one Rocket Propelled Gun tube, 3 AK 47 magazines, one bandolier, 2 rounds of Anti-Aircraft Gun ammunition and one Rocket Propelled Grenade bomb.

In another development, two soldiers of the Air Task Force, Operation LAFIYA DOLE who went on the trail of the routed remnants of the insurgents to ensure their total obliteration sustained gunshot wounds during the encounter. Both of them have already been stabilized and are already responding positively to treatment at a military hospital.



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